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Contributor: Sarah Lea

“I’m a student of Sunderland University studying Social Sciences. My main areas of interest are class division, the sociology of food and consumer culture. Whilst exploring medicalisation and women I took a personal interest in pregnancy and childbirth, considering my personal experience of being pregnant whilst researching the topic. I disagree, to some extent, that Illich’s model of medicalisation fits into pregnancy, as many illnesses and side effects are under researched. Areas such as conception and fertility are studied and invested in at length and are perhaps ‘over medicalised’ but pregnancy ‘symptoms’ and pregnancy related illnesses are largely neglected and underfunded. Childbirth is dominated by medicalisation and hegemony.”


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Contributor: Kelsey Watts

“My name is Kelsey and I study Sociology. I chose to look at the medicalisation of beauty and cosmetic surgery, as I myself work in the beauty industry. I believe that beauty is highly medicalised in today’s society, as it is so easy for people to change the way they look through medical ways. Due to this people are constantly looking at what others have or the way they want to look, and then permanently changing the way they look often without a second thought. Therefore I find this growing, and fairly new industry, an interesting subject to research.”



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Contributor: Bijoux Mbuta

“My name is Bijoux social science student at University of Sunderland taking SSC220  module has enlarge my understanding on the mayor conceptual issues concerning medicalisation and the social control, how medicalisation has begun to regulate and control human bodies. Using Menopause as a case study, though so many doctors view menopause as a deficiency condition. however, the pharmaceutical industry must be recognised as a driving force in the medicalisation of menopause. They have sponsored many studies on hormones. They influence the way the studies are conducted and how the results are interpreted.” 

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Contributor: Andrew Johnson

“Throughout our SSC220 module there has been many areas which I have enjoyed looking, especially looking at the different ways in which the body can be medicalised. The idea of looking at the differences between what is classified as a ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ body indicated the way that society is recognised in modern times.

The idea of a group blog as part of a module was something that I never really expected, although brought a lot more enjoyment to the whole group as it was a little less nerving and more fun to do something different from other previous modules. Personally I would recommend this type of assessment for other modules and to be carried on further into other year groups, for the reasons that I have previously stated.”